Selected Staff Development and Walkthroughs

A Guide to Using Wikispaces
At various system wide staff development sessions I've presented a workshop to other teachers on using Wikispaces. This slideshow was part of that presentation.

Kidblog Walkthrough
A guide I created to using the kid friendly blogging site KidBlog.

Cyberhunts and Webquests
A guide I put together for creating cyberhunts and webquests and using them in the classroom.

Creating a Class Website with Blogger
A step by step walkthrough I created that shows teachers how to create class websites with Blogger.


Virtual Navigator
In the summer of 2012 I was asked to write a summer school technology enrichment class and teach it to middle school students. In subsequent summers I taught it again after making tweaks and updates to it.

My main website with links to the various things I've created online.

A wiki site I set up to store and share various staff development items and other resources I've created.

I regularly do staff development presentations on collections of useful social studies websites. Everything I've used is linked to from this site. - Chronicling the Restoration of a Super Beetle
One of my hobbies is restoring my first car, a 1973 Volkswagen Super Beetle that caught fire and suffered a lot of damage several years ago. I set up this site to chart the progress of that restoration.

Jeff and Jenny Built a Sienna
A blog my wife and I write about building and living in our house.

Instructional Video

Resurfacing Automobile Headlights: A How-To Guide for DIY’ers
I created this video during the summer of 2008 as the final project in a graduate course on the use of video in education. Because everyone in the class was on summer vacation the instructor allowed us to use any topic we wished to do as long as explained how to do something. I choose to explain how to resurface the headlights of a car to remove fogginess and improve clarity.

A Simple Guide to Using Keynote
I created this screencast on using Apple’s Keynote presentation software as part of an assignment in a class I took on designing e-learning.

European Landmarks
This video, created using Microsoft PhotoStory, was done as part of the final project in a graduate course to show proficiency with visual literacy. It is designed to be the end result of a lesson where students learn about the important cultural landmarks of Europe.


Preparing for the World Geography SOL Test
This podcast informs students what to expect on the World Geography end-of-course Standards of Learning test.